CIGRE NZ A2 Symposium CIGRE NZ B1 Symposium

CIGRE NZ 2020 B1 Symposium

The CIGRE Study Committee B1, Insulated cables, addresses topics throughout the asset management life-cycle phases; from conception through research, development, design, production, deployment, operation, and end of life.

The CIGRE NZ 2020 B1 Symposium will bring together industry and research professionals, practitioners, colleagues in a hybrid mode conference (online and venue) and develop your expertise and progressive experiences in moving towards a more integrated asset resilient future

Highlights of NZ B1 Symposium:

    • NZ.B1 panel meeting
    • Experts discussion on contemporary issues and solutions
    • Technical brochures review
    • Presentations on CIGRE Paris 2021 SC preferential subjects

To become a CIGRE NZ B1 Panel member, contact the Convenor Andre Cuppen (