CIGRE NZ 2020 Conference


Welcome to CIGRE NZ 2020 Conference

CIGRE NZ 2020 brings together experts and key players from the power system industry across New Zealand to share their experiences and technical expertise on how the Power System Sector is transitioning into the future. Our theme celebrates CIGRE’s centennial in 2021 and meeting the challenges in Shaping the Power Sector beyond 2020.

This major event is a confluence of the CIGRE NZ Annual Forum including an Industry Leader Panel Session, CIGRE NZ B1 and CIGRE NZ A2 Symposiums, and Technical meetings. These provide a platform for power system engineers, consultants, generation transmission and distribution owners, system operators, policymakers, regulators and researchers across New Zealand and the globe to share and discuss current practices and future directions for the secure and efficient delivery of electrical energy.

We have a unique for CIGRE NZ event delivery online and at several venues enabling participation by local and international audiences. We believe this networked sharing of knowledge will see us continue to explore and enhance NZ’s performance within the power system industry beyond 2020 despite current local and global uncertainties.

Our Next Generation Network (U35) and Women in Engineering members are leading the Conference Programme.

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We are indebted to the Hilton Auckland and the University of Auckland for their generosity in providing their venues gratis in recognition of our power sector essential industry service during COVID-19.

CIGRE NZ 2020 has a hybrid format following the personal and institutional concerns world-wide for COVID-19 wellbeing. Attendees can choose to participate either by attending a traditional venue or online. The conference programme and venues are available within the Conference Flyer.

Day 1 (1pm onwards): Hilton Auckland

Day 2: Newmarket Campus, University of Auckland

Attendee preference is sought when registering for the event. Mindful of COVID-19 a reduced “cost-recovery” registration fee applies for venue attendance while the online participation fee is a nominal fee only. CIGRE members receive a discounted venue rate and no charge for online attendance.