CIGRE NZ 2022 Annual Conference


Our CIGRE NZ 2022 Conference will bring together experts and key players from within the power system industry to share experiences and technical expertise on practical issues and methodologies as our sector is transitioning into the future.

We are providing a platform for power system professionals: engineers, consultants, contractors, generation transmission and distribution owners, system operators, and academics across New Zealand to share and discuss energy systems for sustainable communities.

Our Industry panels, workshops along with B1, B2 and  B5 Panels will be prime attractions along with:

  • CIGRE NZ Annual Forum
  • CEO panel
  • Pacific leaders panel
  • D2: IoT Workshop with a focus on IoT networking, security, comms and substations
  • Energy Security via DER orchestration panel session
  • CIGRE NZ B1, B2 and B5 Symposium
  • International Study Committee Experts Online Participation alongside Local expert Panels
  • Launch of CIGRE NZ A3 Panel and an associated Master Class on Partial Discharge
  • Local site visits
  • Conference Dinner hosted by Horizon Networks at Cigol

We look forward to seeing you.

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