If you are a CIGRE member and are interested in contributing/joining any one of our panels, you can contact our convener to join. Our convener would be able to help with registering onto the panel KMS.

Dan Martin – for NZ.A2: Power Transformers And Reactors Subcommittee

André Cuppen – for NZ.B1 – Insulated Cables Subcommittee

Stephen Chiu – for NZ.B5 – Protection and Automation Subcommittee

Doug Ray – for NZ.B3 – Substations & Electrical Installations Subcommittee

Abhinav Chopra  – for NZ.D2 – Information Systems & Telecommunications Subcommittee

Helen Gilbert – for NZ.B2 – Overhead Lines Subcommittee

Geethma Dissanayake – for NZ.B4 – DC Systems and Power Electronics Subcommittee