Interactive Workshop 2022

Sharing critical technical experiences of Kiwi B1 and B5 specialist engineers in our power system industry and formation of CIGRE NZ B3 and D2 Panels


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Our CIGRE NZ 2022 Autumn Technical Workshops bring together experts and key players from within the power system industry to share experiences and technical expertise on practical issues and methodologies as our sector is transitioning into the future. The workshop is a confluence of the following co-located events

18 March, Online
Agenda and Workshop programme setting with workshop participants for D2 and B3

8 April, Christchurch Workshop (in-person and online)
CIGRE NZ.B1 – Insulated Cables Panel
CIGRE NZ.B5 – Protection and Automation Panel

6 May, Auckland Workshop (in-person and online)
CIGRE NZ.B3 – Substations & Electrical Installations Panel
CIGRE NZ.D2 – Information Systems & Telecommunications Panel

We are providing a platform for power system professionals: engineers, consultants, contractors, generation transmission and distribution owners, system operators, and academics across New Zealand to share and discuss current practices and future directions for progressing our end-to-end renewable power systems. Our A2 and C6 Panels will complete similar technical workshops later in 2022.

CIGRE NZ 2022 Autumn Workshop Auckland 6 May e-book final

CIGRE NZ 2022 Autumn Workshop Christchurch 8 April e-book v1.0